It Takes a Village – thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far. There are still a few empty positions, please contact Mike Hattery mhattery@gmail.com if you would like to take on a position.

Open positions:

Head Foul Judge WRA
Lure lad/lass
Meet Chair – Mike Hattery
Field Chair – Bruce Irvine, Don Jenkins
Treasurer – Annie Kelsey
Lure op WRA – Don Cranshaw
Lure op NOTRA – Don Behnke
Measuring WRA – Brent Kemerly
Inspection WRA – Brent Kemerly
Inspection NOTRA – Kara Hattery
Head Finishing Line WRA – Paul Garwacki
Head Finishing Line NOTRA – Rita Schuerman
Head Foul Judge NOTRA – Julie Vermeulen
Camera Operator WRA – Vicki Jackson
Camera Operator NOTRA – Vicki Jackson
Box op WRA – Mike Hatton/Levi Hilliker
Box op NOTRA – Jimmy Campo
Food Chair – Randy Bright
Apparel – Kathy Fishburn
Raffle – Veronica Smith
Awards Chair – Allie Smith
Parking King – Mike Hattery
Golf Cart – Mike Hattery
Match Judge – Darien Adley
Match Chair – Kris Goodman
Ring Stewards – Mike Slater, Sam King
Catalog – Lisa Ochoa
Hospitality Bag Chair – Lindsey Gluth/Teresa Hatton
Race Secretary WRA – Kathy Slater
Race Secretary NOTRA – Penny Bolt
Lighting – Jennifer Reynolds Irvine
Sound System – Don Jenkins
Treasurer – Annie Kelsey
Webmaster – Wendy Montroy
Vendor Chair – Allie Smith
Meet Photographer – Lisa Goucher
Paddock Master – Don Jenkins
Logo Design – Julie Vermeulen
Memorial Blankets – Leslie Busch