Thank you to everyone who has signed up to volunteer! Please contact Teresa Hatton at mandthatton@netzero.com if you would like to volunteer for an open position or help in any way!

Meet Chair – Mike Hatton
Field Chair – Brent Kemerly
Lure op WRA – Mike Hatton
Lure op NOTRA – Mike Hatton / Jerry Burrus
Measuring WRA – Brent Kemerly
Inspection WRA – Brent Kemerly
Inspection NOTRA – Brent Kemerly
Head Foul Judge WRA – Wayne Wagner
Head Foul Judge NOTRA –
Head Finishing Line WRA – Rita Schuerman

     Volunteers to help line judge:

     Pam LeClair

    Irene Matusz

    Paula Streicher

    Diane Maiolino
Head Finishing Line NOTRA – Rita Schuerman

      Volunteers to help line judge:

       Pam LeClair

      Irene Matusz
Camera Operator – Claire Bodell
Box op WRA – Brent Kemerly / Brett Kemerly
Box op NOTRA – Wayne Wagner
Food Chair – Carol Fornuto
Apparel – Brent Kemerly / Kim Carandang
Raffle – Veronica Smith
Awards – Lisa Argo / Lisa Kemerly / Teresa Hatton
Parking – Mike Hatton

Camping – Mike Hatton

Hotels – Carol Fornuto
Golf Carts – Mike Hatton
Catalog – Lisa Ochoa
Hospitality Bag Chair – Jennifer Shirley

Registration Table – Joyce Ellinger / Brenda Wolski
WRA Race Secretary – Kathy Slater / Celeste Wilcox
NOTRA Race Secretary – Karen Estes / Veronica Smith
Tent and Tables/Chairs – Mike Hatton
Lighting – Mike Hatton
Sound System – Mike Hatton
Treasurer – Kim Carandang
Webmaster – Wendy Montroy
Match Chair – Annie Kelsey

Match Judge – Kathy Slater
Vendor Chair – Teresa Hatton / David Busch
Meet Photographer – Mary Huff
Paddock Master – Ray Luening
Lure lad/lass –

Memorial Blankets – Leslie Busch