Volunteers Needed

Thank you to those who have already volunteered to help! We have many needs covered at this point but still need help with both the “planning phase” and “day of” events.  Please contact Leslie Griffith and she will connect with the right person to work with. Bottom line, if you are willing to help we will gladly accept and find a spot you feel comfortable in. Thank You!

Volunteers needed in the planning phase:

  • Food Committee helpers!!!! We need you
  • Someone in the Pacific Northwest who has NW vender connections
  • If you are knowledgeable regarding Wi Fi boosters for rural area events – please contact us

Volunteers needed for day of events:  If you would like to help on a specific committee during the meet, we will put you in contact with that committee chairperson and you can coordinate with that person beforehand.

This list will change and be updated periodically according to committee chairperson needs:

  • Fun Match committee volunteers
  • Field committee set up/tear down/ logistics
  • Foul Judges both days
  • Runners
  • Lure restringing crew
  • Back up/ finish line judges

2020 Nationals Sponsoring Club Representatives and Planning Committee

British Columbia Whippet Racing Club Contacts:

Darian Adley  darieninsquish@gmail.com 

Maureen Walters  walters.maureen@gmail.com

Western Washington Whippet Association Contacts:

Don Cranshaw don@orsportal.com

Elise Cranshaw e.cranshaw@gmail.com

Washington Whippet Racing Club Contacts:

Mary Williams  mrsduck61@comcasst.net

Jeff and Ramona Bradley   dreams@bctonline.com

Southern California Whippet Association Contacts:

Susan Burt  susan@susanburt.com

Debbey Bartos  Debbey@mac.com


2020 Race Meet Committee Chairpersons

2020 Race Meet Director: Don Cranshaw don@orsportal.com

Race Meet Project Manager: Leslie Griffith leslie.griffith@swedish.org   

2020 Nationals Web Site and Facebook Page: Darien Adley

Race Meet Treasurer: Beth Levine/Elise Cranshaw

2020 National Meet Catalogue Chairperson: To be confirmed

Friday Fun Match Chairperson: Darien Adley

Logo Wear Chairperson:  Jenna Eberl/Dorene Paulson

Vender Facilitator Chairperson: Debbey Bartos

WRA/NOTRA Race Secretary Chairperson:  Elise Cranshaw

Field Committee Chairperson: Don Cranshaw

Measuring Committee Chairperson: Laurel Behnke

Trophy/Awards Co-Chairpersons: Jenna Eberl/Jennifer Sandvig

WRA/NOTRA Memorial Run Chairperson: Leslie Griffith

Food Committee Chairperson: Don Cranshaw

Fundraising Committee: The 2020 Nationals planning committee

Raffle Chairperson: