Welcome to the site for the 2018 WRA/NOTRA Nationals. We are looking forward to some super competition amongst whippets of all speeds from across the US and Canada. The nationals is a time to race your whippets and spend some face-to-face time with friends old and new (including those you only know from Facebook).

This year’s nationals are being held under the combined direction of SOL & SOMOS (with help from whole bunch of wonderful volunteers). We are lucky to again be using the facilities of the famed Springdale Race Course in historic Camden, SC. For more information, see the Location page.


  • All first-time entered (FTEs) MUST be pre-registered with WRA and/or NOTRA – see information on Racing page
  • NO day of meet entries will be accepted
  • Only entries sent in by 9/25/18 will appear in the catalog
  • Early entry deadline is 10/3/18
  • NO entries will be accepted after 10/15/18
  • Substitutions for bitches in season ONLY. Substitutions accepted until 4pm Friday, 10/19/18.
  • NO refunds after 10/15/18

For information on having your whippet included on the memorial blanket, please contact Leslie Busch via email at Bushbaby4816@gmail.com

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