Helpful Information

  • All First Time Entered (FTE) dogs need to be pre-registered with WRA and/or NOTRA
    • For WRA registration instructions click here
    • For NOTRA registration contact Sue Weilbacher at
  • Division II will be offered. For more information and instructions on registering your Division II dog click here
  • DASH (Sprinters) will be offered on Saturday
  • For purposes of awarding veteran trophies, a veteran is defined as a whippet 6 years of age for WRA and 5 years of age for NOTRA. Veterans run all 4 programs.

WRA Information

  • Track info: 200 yards, drag lure
  • First program races will be graded
  • WRA rule book can be found here
  • Race Secretary: Kim Rees
  • Box Operator: Brent Kemerly/Wayne Wagner
  • Lure Operator: Mike Hatton/Brett Kemerly
  • Friday, September 30, 2021
    • 4:00 pm Early measuring for WRA
  • Saturday, October 1, 2022
    • 6:00 am WRA Check-in
    • 7:50 am Memorial Blanket Run
    • 8:00 am WRA National first race
    • After Program 3: Seniors Parade (dogs who will turn 9 prior to December 31st)
    • After Program 3: Legends Parade (dogs who will turn 11 prior to December 31st)

NOTRA Information

  • Track info: 300 yards, modified oval, drag lure, 4-dog races
  • NOTRA rule book can be found here
  • Race Secretary: Kim Rees
  • Box Operator:  Brent Kemerly/Levi Hilliker
  • Lure Operator: Trent Rees
  • Sunday, October 2, 2022
    • 6:00 am NOTRA Check-in
    • 7:55 am Memorial Blanket Run
    • 8:00 am NOTRA National first race