Vendort Supporters: as WiFi is unreliable on the field bringing cash to purchase items would be much appreciated.


Note: this list is tentative, and might change as we get closer to the event. If you are interested in vending please contact Debbey Bartos at

Vendor Fee: $50 in booth product to be donated to the raffle.

Rosewood Farms Custom Crate Pads by Kathy Slater    Facebook page – Rosewood Farms Custom Crate Pads
See Kathy for Whipknit Beanies as well.  
Wicked Whippet Wears by Jenna Eberl      Facebook Page – Wicked Whippet Wears

Boujee Beads by Jenny Howe    

Sculpture Soap by Tito & Elisa Pagan     and find Sculpture Soap on Etsy   (only on Saturday)
Terrier Mulisha Canine Racing Gear  by Laurie Jarrett  on Facebook at Terrier Mulisha Canine Racing Gear


Wildwood Fabric Designs by Jessica Knox      –     
DogGoneChic Sportswear for 4 Legged Athletes by Tricia Christiansen. 
Genuine NoseyWear and Roundabout Whippet Supplies by Janet Stigum   


Lookquest Pottery  –  Whippet Motif Pottery items by Carly Leah     –   Find Lookquest Pottery on Facebook 

Kinected Canine Sports Dog Massage   by Malee Powell.