You can pre-order raffle tickets at a discount. There will be an option to pre-order at registration when you send in your entries.
40 tickets…. $20
120 tickets…$50

Anyone donating a basket for the raffle will be awarded ten raffle tickets. For two baskets, twenty tickets will be awarded. Anyone donating an item for the raffle will be a awarded five raffle tickets. Items that need to be raffled alone (larger or more expensive items) count as a basket, so those would get ten tickets. Limit for item donations is five tickets, unless you donate a larger item or enough to make up a basket, then those would get ten. Contact Veronica if you have questions.

If you would like to donate a basket and will not be at the event, there are two options. If you are in Indiana, or will be at an Indiana meet in the fall, you can drop them off with Veronica there. They can also be shipped to Kara and Mike Hattery, an address will be provided upon email request.

Contact: VeronicaSmith073@gmail.com