Location Details

Racing Field

Brennan Park Recreation Centre
1009 Centennial Way
Squamish, BC V8B 0E2, Canada

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Camping Grounds

Al McIntosh Loggers Sports Grounds
39555 Loggers Lane
Squamish, BC V8B 0A1, Canada

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Bear & Wildlife Safety

IMPORTANT: Squamish is special in part because of its natural beauty and closeness to wilderness. With this, please be aware that Squamish is bear country – You will notice that garbage, recycling and compost are all collected in bear-proof containers. Please place all your garbage in these containers, no garbage at the campsite. In addition, make sure you don’t leave any food outside unattended. Please lock up, in your vehicle, your dog and human food at night and during the day when leaving the campground.

Please view these links to learn more about Squamish Bears and to be Bear Smart while visiting and camping in Squamish.

Rain Gear

Be prepared for rain in Squamish. While we hope for sunny skies, please bring adequate rain gear – items like waterproof footwear, coats, hats, pants. Don’t forget raincoats for your dogs too.45