Kim Carandang did an amazing job creating the catalog last year and she graciously agreed to take the reigns for creating the 2023 WRA/NOTRA Catalog. Lisa Ochoa poured countless hours over the years in bringing the catalog to life for the WRA/NOTRA Nationals, a legacy that will not be forgotten. Let’s keep this wonderful traditional alive! Please support the catalog by not only purchasing a copy (or several) but by also creating/purchasing an ad to display within it. Brag about your dogs! Brag about your breeder! Brag about your friends!

Ad creation can happen in one of two ways:

  • Non-Print Ready Ads: Provide good clear images and some idea of what you want to say. Kim will do the rest. Ad Creation is only $10.
  • Print Ready Ads: Send Kim the file and she can work with just about any publishing program and can convert to JPG, if needed.

To order your ad, or to ask questions about ads, please email Kim at and make sure to put Catalog somewhere in the subject line. PLEASE DO NOT SEND KIM REQUESTS VIA ANY OTHER MEDIUM. She cannot keep track of everything that shows up in social media, so she can only make promises about what is sent via email.

After you have confirmed your ad with Kim, you can then send the payment directly through PayPal to this email: IMPORTANT: Send payment as Friends and Family to avoid being charged a fee.

To purchase the physical catalog(s), you will select that option on the event registration form.

Note: If you purchase 3 or more catalog ads, at least 1 catalog, and will not be at the event, we will ship the catalog to you.

Deadline date to submit an ad is Sunday, October 1, 2023

Catalog (Purchase) $20
Front Cover Not Available
Back Cover ** SOLD **
Inside Front Cover Full Page – Color ** SOLD **
Inside Back Cover Full Page – Color ** SOLD **
Full Page Color $40
Half Page Color $25
Ad Creation by Kim Carandang $10 (+Full/Half Page Price)
Memorial Listing of Deaths No Charge [Contact Kim Carandang]
Entry Information No Charge

Catalogs by their nature are useful creatures, filled with information about the entrants and their ancestry and owners, as well as schedules and historical information and other items of general interest. But they are SO BORING without ads. All those words, and no adorable puppy pictures, or good luck wishes, or brags, or anything else to break up all that text. Just look at these blast from the past ads, and it’s easy to see how they enhance the catalog and also allow the proud owners to show off their wonderful dogs.

YOU can help make the catalog fabulous, and also help the national! All you have to do is send me some pictures that you want to use and give me some idea of what you want to say, and I’ll do the rest. It’s a win-win!~ Lisa Ochoa 2021